About Us

In the Spring of 2007, after 26 years in ministry (13 in the pastorate and 13 in missions), we, along with their five children, experienced an abrupt and painful end to our dream. Having formed a multi-national team of artists and musicians to facilitate the development of Worship From the Nations, we arrived back in the U.S. from Hungary heartbroken and wounded. 

Nearly eight years later, after much pain and struggle, including marital separation, the Lord planted seeds of hope that there was, indeed, a life of full, free, abundant, intimacy available with Jesus; a life lived without guilt, pressure, or condemnation. He breathed new life into us. Using His promises in Isaiah 61, Jesus healed our broken hearts, our broken marriage and gave us a new calling. Through our suffering, healing and His leading, God birthed the ministry of Grace Adventure in Nov. 2017.

We are passionate about providing preventative soul-care to ministry couples by walking alongside them, hearing their story, and helping them re-discover and enjoy intimacy with Jesus. We do this through spiritual mentoring, small groups and hosting 4-day retreats with 6-month follow-up care.